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Atlas Chai Gin

Atlas Chai Gin

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The true history of Chai has been lost in time, but ancient folklore suggests that the original version of this warm and welcoming drink has royal roots and was created by a king for his court to enjoy. Our Chai Gin is inspired by traditional Masala Chai, which is a part of every day life in India. Whilst recipes vary from region to region (and even household to household), we’ve based our blend on the core ingredients used in traditional recipes. The result is a gin that is warming and spicy, 
but perfectly balanced so that the heat doesn’t overpower the taste buds.

Botanicals include:
Juniper berries, cinnamon, green cardamom, cloves, pimento berries,
ginger, nutmeg, cane sugar, Assam black tea.

Juniper notes with cinnamon, green cardamom and subtle clove hints.

Warm and spicy with a background sweetness from the green cardamom.

A long finish, with a pleasingly spicy warmth.
Warm and spicy with a background sweetness from the green cardamom.

43% VOL | 70CL
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